Welcome to submit your proposal by 28 February 2021.

In NEEDS 2021 we welcome ideas for panels and colloquia. Panels are regular sessions with short presentations. Panel organizers are invited to send an abstract describing their panel. After the panel abstract has been accepted, the call for papers will open and researchers will be free to submit paper abstracts to the accepted panels. The panel organizers are responsible for reviewing the abstracts submitted to their panel.

Colloquia are fora for research-oriented initiatives that do not fit the traditional presentation format. Colloquia may be open or closed sessions such as (and not limited to) round tables, debates, demos, and formal meetings. Colloquium organizers are also invited to send an abstract describing the topic as well as the format in which it will be conducted.  

More than one proposal may be submitted by the same person. Deadline for submission is 28 February 2021.

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Previously accepted panels – NEEDS 2020

The panels accepted for NEEDS 2020 will by default be accepted for the 2021 conference. The submitter of said panels will receive an email asking weather they would like to arrange or withdraw their panel. Make sure to answer this email by 28 February 2021.