Submission for abstracts is now closed.

We welcome abstract submissions to the 35 panels available. Please note that though you may submit more than one abstract, each abstract must be submitted to only one panel. The panel organizer will notify you of your acceptance no later than June 18, 2021.

Submit your abstract (max 400 words including references) by June 6 2021 (extended deadline).

Abstracts accepted for NEEDS 2020

If your abstract was accepted for NEEDS 2020, please tick the box in the submission form.

Abstract Submission Process

Rescheduling the conference has resulted in a reshuffling of panels – some panel organizers are not able to attend this year, while new panels with exciting themes have been accepted. This means that you must resubmit your abstract, even if it had been accepted last year. If you cannot find your original panel in the list, please submit it to another suitable panel.

Abstract Review Process

In NEEDS, it is the panel organizers who review the abstracts submitted for acceptance to the conference. If the panel that you had submitted your abstract to last year will be in session this year, then your abstract is accepted automatically. If your original panel will not be in session and you submit to a new panel, the organizer will notify you regarding the acceptance of your abstract by June 18, 2021.